If anyone commits voter fraud, they should be punished. But apparently the GOP is all in favor of massive disruptions from foreign actors in the form of money for them and fake news for us.

Voting in person has been artificially diminished in many places, with voting machines lacking, operating hours lacking, even whole locations lacking, causing mile-long lines (esp. now considering 6ft separation) well past closing time.

If everyone could easily vote in person and avoid any kind of poll tax, that would be fine.

As for a “coup,” my friend, the modern GOP is fond of taking their own crimes and projecting them onto their opponents. Look in the mirror.

Trump is the only one in this race who has ever said he won’t implicitly abide by the election results — that if he loses, it will automatically be due to fraud — but if he wins, that’s justice. He’s even claimed he can stay on indefinitely. He’s shuttered many watchdog groups and IGs and ignored violations of the Hatch act, campaign finance laws, laws against self-dealing and posse comitatus.

If that isn’t the makings of a coup, I don’t know what is.

Design and Technology Leader (fmr. HoloLens, Apple, Google Earth, Second Life, Disney VR) Profile photo is from generated.photos (read “Who owns YOU?” for why)

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